Esoteric Explorations

Elora Esoteric Arts hosts a bi-Weekly session on Esoteric practices every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month, 7:PM at Organica Botanica & Soulwork Studio in Elora.


Traditional (Qabalastic) Tarot classes, readings and talisman instructions

Esoteric Explorations

Elora Esoteric Arts Hosts the Bi-Weekly session: Esoteric Explorations (Every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month) a practical series that will guide students on the path of Self Initiation with the aim of awakening our dormant Psychic Perception and Enriching our lives in a Fun, Supportive and Enlightening fashion. Participants will explore the myriad Approaches and Pathways from different cultures and traditions to form a concrete foundation for cultivating the Shamanic experience of Bridging the Worlds of Spirit and Matter. Practical techniques will be indroduced and expanded upon as the series progresses, thining the Veils that block our access to the Astral Realms. Topics covered include: Comparitive World View, survery of traditional Shamanic Arts (Eastern and Western), Physics/MetaPhysics, Esoteric Psychology, Yoga Mudra/Kriya, Ritual Offerings (multi-cultural), Elemental / Ceremonial Magic, Neoplatonic / Qabalistic practices (Tarot/Astrology), Western Grimoire Traditions, Psychic / Astral Symbolism. "Window Shoppers" and Experienced / Adept Practicioners alike are invited on this most Elusive and Facinating journey. The material presented is firmly grounded upon a rational basis and will not conflict with anyone's moral or spiritual obligations; all traditions and walks of life are welcomed and respected.