Yoga Means Union

by Elora Esoteric Arts

Posted on January 25, 2019

The word Yoga translates to “Union”. This should be the guiding principle behind your Yoga practice. Union with that Wisdom and Knowledge that is hiding in the background of the reality in which you exist. All systems of Yoga from throughout the East have very deep spiritual intentions embedded into all fragments of their various forms, many of which did not migrate properly into Western European expressions. Cultivating genuine Wisdom, Knowledge and a link to your Higher and Divine Genius while gaining control of your Emotions, Ego (Lower Self) and Mind are the goals of Yoga. Gradually you will approach Self-Mastery and realizing the purpose behind why you took birth and the best course of action to pursue while you are here.

By practicing Yoga beyond the level of the Neophyte, you are embarking on the path of Initiation, either as part of a direct tradition with a living teacher, or via Self-Initiation with guidance from books, videos, social media, etc. Of course taking Yoga classes and practicing sincerely will benefit your life, but throughout our journey, we will all re-visit the "Dark Night of the Soul" and be confronted with difficult trials and decisions and ultimately... discover Death's doorstep. Will your current practice get you through these? Success and fulfillment take the forms of leaving a lasting legacy of inspiration and growth that will outlive you, the result of the hard labours you have endured while on Earth. Regardless of your accomplishments to date, you should forever continue to search diligently for those esoteric gems which expand your Sadhana, keeping you engaged on the path leading you to satisfying this requirement of fulfillment. If you currently have a solid practice, you can challenge yourself with the question: "Can I do better than this"? Of course you can!

Yoga is a vast portfolio of practices with the aim of expanding yourself and removing the obstacles that prevent you from actualizing your full potential; they are not limited to any particular culture. Find the practices that work for you, namely, those you can perform with regularity and are effective in keeping you engaged and elevated. An Initiates practice should include the following:

  • Discovering and Overcoming the Mechanisms of Self-Limitation: Ego, Fear, Addiction, Laziness, Self-Pity, etc.

  • Establishing a Meditation Goal: Why do you meditate? Ultimately the goal of the vast landscape of meditation should be to enliven your innate Super-Sensible faculties. This will ultimately establish and perfect your intuitive and inspired Guidance System, which builds the boundaries that allow you to make decisions with clear intent and establish purpose in your life.

  • Cultivating Power over your Life: Knowledge and Wisdom are not useful if you do not have the Power and Strength to maintain and protect the version of yourself which inspires you.

  • Adopting a Tantric Practice: The word “Tantra” basically implies one theme: A Deity is involved in a particular practice. Learn how to properly Invoke powers older and greater than yourself; which will prepare and guide you through the trials you face on your path. The link you establish can be Ancestral, Angelic, Chthonic, etc.

  • The mission of Elora Esoteric Arts is to provide information, inspiration and guidance to all who desire to enrich their lives and cultivate Self-Mastery. Don't hesitate to contact us if you are interested in upgrading your current Sadhana practice.